The One and Only Noah

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The One and Only Noah

The One and Only Noah, by Emre Arslan and Fawzi Khayyat Hindi


Standing at six foot, four inches, Noah is the all-star of the Eagles, basketball team to a small Islamic school called Huda Academy.  With aspirations of obtaining a college basketball scholarship and playing in the NCAA, Noah is thrilled when he is recruited by the Wild Cats -- state basketball champions for the past seven years and one of the largest public schools in the nation.


At first Noah is not the greatest of team players -- selfish on the court, arrogant in his skills, and unkind to his teammates.  Further, he is not the greatest of Muslims -- sacrificing all in the name of basketball, and unthankful to God.  Because of these shortcomings, Noah is corrupted by the popularity he gains in the public school and is easily influenced by his new Wild Cats teammates.  It is not long before Noah finds himself hurting others, lying to his parents, and engaging in bad behavior all so that he could fit in with the team for the sake of winning.  


Yet when he hurts his right hand at a party that he wasn't supposed to go to, Noah falls in popularity and is on the brink of never fulfilling his basketball dreams.  With the guidance of his pious father and his Muslim brothers from the Eagles, however, Noah both rediscovers his faith and finds new skill, becoming an even better player than before.  With knowledge and faith, Noah truly is the one and only.

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