1. How do I list a Product?

  1. Step #1
    Scroll your mouse over Catalog and select Products
  2. Step #2
    Once in the product page you will select from the top right the insert Button
  3. Step #3
    This is your main Product Listing page here on the first page you will be adding you will be adding the following.
    • Product’s Name
    • Meta Tag Description ( this is good to add which helps with SEO of your product)
    • Meta Keywords ( add keywords related to your product)
    • Description
    • Product tags ( this is where you can add keywords for the search bar to locate your product quickly)
    • For best quality picture you can upload image of size 350X350 pixels.
  4. Step # 4
    Click Data this will be where you will be adding your main product picture the price you will charge and how many you have. The main fields you will need to add would be:
    • Model#
    • Price
    • Quantity
    • Image
    note: if you wish to add any other fields you may but will not show up on the front page
  5. Step # 5
    Click Vendor as you can already see your Vendor name is already on their. this part will give info on where it is coming from the price as well as shipping cost and the prefered method of shipment. the main fields needed completed would be:
    • Country of origin
    • price
    • included shipping
    • preferred shipping
    • shipping cost
    *note: the total amount calculated with shipping would be the price for the product on the front product page.
  6. Step #6
    Click on the Links tab. this Tab is for choosing the categories you wish the product to show on. (you can choose more than one if you wish) note* If you do not see you category please contact us and we will add those categories and notify you
  7. Step#7
    Click on Options. Options are for size color and other options. On the left there is an open field where you can start typing the option and will auto generate if the option is there, you then will add those options they can choose in the middle. note* If you do not see an option and wish us to add the option please contact us with the options and we will notify you when the options are added.
  8. Step# 8
    Image is the next tab ad this tab is for additional images you wish to add for your product note * addition option such as special and discount you can use if you wish to show a drop in price
  9. Step # 9
    Click Save this will complete the listing and can add the next product. *note- Product will be approved by Ummahzon.com after adding product, so please be patient.

2. How do I sell a downloadable product?

  1. Step #1
    Scroll mouse over Catalog and select Downloads
  2. Step#2
    Choose Insert
  3. Step#3
    Add the name of the download and add the file
  4. Step #4
    Choose how many times the Customer can download the purchased item
  5. Step#5
    Go through the same steps as if you adding a product. When you are on the link tab you will see an option to add a download that is where you will place the downloadable product.

3. How do I check the order and address where I need to ship?

  1. Step#1
    On your Dashboard on the button you will Customer’s name and click View
  2. Step #2
    Click Shipping Details. This will give you information on the customer and their address details on where to ship
  3. Step#3
    Click products. This is where you will have information on what the customer has purchased with size and details.
  4. Step#4
    Click Order Shipment/ Confirmation. This is crucial when shipping the product, you must update the status to shipped and in the comment you must add the tracking number and the carrier. *note- To get paid you must update to shipped and add carrier and tracking in comments to be paid for the purchase.
  5. Step #5
    Save the changes. The customer will get an email that it has shipped and Ummahzon will track the order and release the payments.

4. How do I change my password and information?

To change your information or password you can scroll over with your mouse over personal details.


5. How do I check if my payments have released?

Scroll over sales and select Transactions, this will show you all the payments you have been paid for and not been paid for and the fee that was taken out.


If you have questions or need help please contact us